Forza Horizon 5 : New Super7 money glitch *UPDATE* | AFK money making method on FH5 after the patch

Forza Horizon 5 : New Super7 money glitch *UPDATE* | AFK money making method on FH5 after the patch

Forza Horizon 5 : New Super7 money glitch *UPDATE* | AFK money making method on FH5 after the patch

This is an update to the brand new super7 money glitch for Forza Horizon 5. OiAvogadro published a new super 7 AFK money glitch for FH5 and I made a legit version of the super 7 challenge that is not a glitch or an exploit after the patch. This super 7 challenge card is very rewarding credits wise despite not being a straight up glitch or an exploit. My previous video about this challenge was a little bit unclear and some players didn’t know exactly how to complete the challenge, so I made this tutorial to help everyone complete the challenge so that they get to spend 30 minutes in the tunnel doing burnouts. This way players will get unlimited credits after they complete or fail the challenge. You can also do the super 7 challenge as fast possible if you want, but you won’t get unlimited credits for that. It is a nice challenge though.

This is the best money making method currently on FH5. With this unlimited FH5 money method you can make a lot of credits. This is a really fast and easy way for making unlimited money and credits on Forza Horizon 5. So if you are wondering how to get credits and money on FH5, this is the best method for that currently. This method works on both Xbox and PC.

I am very excited to bring you this new super 7 money method which I have been creating for a long time. This brand new money making method has been well tested. Creating and testing a new money method like this takes a lot of time so please leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more quality content.

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